Fanart Spotlight: Bina & Ayo

Monster Pulse gets a ton of fanart, and it’s all wonderful! I’d like to draw attention to some pieces that stand out particularly in my mind (although of course I love and appreciate all fanart I receive.) These are all art of Ayo and Bina together. What I love about these is they all seem to highlight a different side of Bina or a different part of their relationship. In some of these she seems like a playmate to Ayo, in others like a caretaker, and in some it seems Ayo is taking care of her. In Kyanne’s she seems almost like a princess sacrificed to a monster (although the monster is her friend, and it looks like she is the one in control.) I want to write Bina as a complex character and I’m very happy to see all these takes on her and Ayo, as they all fit the characters as I see them. Thank you so much to everyone who has ever submitted fanart to this blog <3 I will do Kera & Julie tomorrow.

Credit (in order): Kyanne, Cube, Jadephelle, Poinko, Tom, Quantummeow, Amanda, Hanni <3